Day 2: Power Outage Apocalypse; Climbing to the 12th Floor


Location | New York, NY

The morning began with the alarm blaring. 9:20am. Too early to wake up when you have the week “off” during a power outage. At 9:30am I had already dialed into a conference call for work. Sitting on the floor with pen and paper in hand, I diligently took notes on the upcoming projects.

After the call, I lounged around and headed up town to meet Lindsay and Carly for lunch. We headed over to Pasta Lovers and had an overpriced pasta meal. Then off to the Rockefeller Concourse for my caffeine fix at Blue Bottle.

Back to the safety of Lindsay’s apartment, aptly supplied with wifi, I spent an uneventful afternoon until Lindsay returned. Then we were off to dinner, when I received a call from Christine. Princess Ellie was stuck in her tower and needed to be brought down to pee.

So off to Princess Ellie’s tower, 12 flights up. Ellie in a harness. 12 flights down. Walking Ellie back and forth and back and forth pleading with her to pee. Finally, around the corner and there was some pee action. Then back up 12 flights of stairs… Ellie panting like crazy… me panting like crazy. Then back down on my jelly legs, back to the dark and into a cab to home!

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