Day 2: Power Outage Apocalypse; Climbing to the 12th Floor


Location | New York, NY

The morning began with the alarm blaring. 9:20am. Too early to wake up when you have the week “off” during a power outage. At 9:30am I had already dialed into a conference call for work. Sitting on the floor with pen and paper in hand, I diligently took notes on the upcoming projects.

After the call, I lounged around and headed up town to meet Lindsay and Carly for lunch. We headed over to Pasta Lovers and had an overpriced pasta meal. Then off to the Rockefeller Concourse for my caffeine fix at Blue Bottle.

Back to the safety of Lindsay’s apartment, aptly supplied with wifi, I spent an uneventful afternoon until Lindsay returned. Then we were off to dinner, when I received a call from Christine. Princess Ellie was stuck in her tower and needed to be brought down to pee.

So off to Princess Ellie’s tower, 12 flights up. Ellie in a harness. 12 flights down. Walking Ellie back and forth and back and forth pleading with her to pee. Finally, around the corner and there was some pee action. Then back up 12 flights of stairs… Ellie panting like crazy… me panting like crazy. Then back down on my jelly legs, back to the dark and into a cab to home!

Day 1: No Power, A Lost Cause


Location | New York, NY

As you know, the East Coast was hit by Hurricane Sandy on Monday, October 29th. At about 8:30pm that night, the power went out in my area. According to reports, it’s been out from 39th street down to the southern tip of Manhattan. (this is about 2/5th of the island). From what we hear, power is to be out for 4 days. This is my account.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today was the first full day (24 hours) without power in my apartment. I felt that this could have been a great promotional stunt for the show “Revolution” and I probably should have tuned into the show for tips on what skills I would need if the lights went out… For real. From what I deduced from the commercials, I will definitely need to know how to use a bow and arrow. That will come in handy when I’m fighting off wandering vagrants. (Although I hear that muggings are up in the dark parts of town).

I spent my morning peering out of my window into the gloomy atmosphere when I noticed 2 men looking up toward my building. As creepy as a dark and moody television drama, I eyed them suspiciously from my curtains with a frown on my face. Then I realized it was my landlord and electrician. In the dark hallway, I carefully tiptoed downstairs to let them into the building… My landlord asked what I’d do without lights. I told him that I would manage, it isn’t as if I would die without lights.

Soon I found myself cleaning my apartment and making the connection that no power equated to no hot water. I would have to make my way north, above 39th street to the land of electricity. I carefully packed my bag. A fresh set of underwear and all my electronics.

Outside I realized there was a multitude of revelers moving about. Photos snapped, people looking in wonder at the downed trees. For me, I had to move nearly a mile and a half to get to my destination. A hot shower awaited and I was eager to get to it.

I passed groups of people huddled by outdoor power outlets, eager to plug in their electronics and get connected to the world again. One man was even squatted down next to an electric stove cooking something in a pot. I will have to make note of where these outdoor plugs are for future power emergencies.

After a 30 minute trek, I arrived at my destination and found my legs covered in mud. Lindsay promptly asked me to go shower before entering her clean apartment, and I obligingly  and blissfully showered . After becoming mud-free, I excitedly connected to the internet. I was drawn back into the world wide web immediately, hungry for news and excited to talk to my friends in the small 13-inch screen.

After greedily staring at my glowing screen for 8 hours, I found myself clamoring into in a cab and returning to the wild. Darkness had taken over my neighborhood. The only lights from the cars that silently moved in the night. Back into my apartment, 2 Kraft singles lined my pocket, secured from Carly’s stash in her working fridge I had just left.

The gas on the stove set to low, the lighter hit the flame and my pot set on for some tomato soup. Then the cast iron griddle for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cooking by candlelight seemed romantic, but not for me as I realized I was all alone in my empty apartment. Not a peep from my neighbors or any sounds from the street. Soup, sandwich, and a magazine to keep me sane until I went to sleep, and until morning.

Goodbye darkness, until tomorrow.

Puppy Sitting | Day 1


Location | New York City

Today began my first day of puppysitting Ms. Elliepoo. After work I ran over to Christine’s to drop off all my stuff before running to the Ritzy Canine Carriage House to pick up the pup. I walked her back home where she scarfed down dinner and then hopped up to the couch and promptly fell asleep.

Ellie is pooped

Around 9 I took Ellie out for her walk. Boy, she did NOT want to take a walk. Furthermore, I forgot poop bags… so luckily I came upon a newspaper dispenser and grabbed a newspaper to pick up her… poops. Good thing, or else that would’ve been mortifying.

Now I’m sitting on Ellie’s dog bed (b/c I need to be near the ac outlet) while Ellie is sprawled out on the couch sleeping. Lucky dog.